Get up close with the local flora and fauna

The friendly locals


We are very proud of our wild seals and although we generally discourage feeding, when sammy turns up and I've got a spare mackerel in my pocket ahh I cant resist.  

Intelligent and inquisitive


Seals are like dogs- playful, friendly and full of character. Our groups get surprised almost every day when a large head suddenly pops up or they shoot out of caves unexpectedly. 

Population increasing


When I was a child seals were rare, but now you might see five or more at the same time basking on the warm seaweed. Please don't disturb them- we have a zero disturbance policy which supports natural behaviour. 

Natures rare events


Come at the right time of year and you could be right in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Massive shoals of fish devouring massive shoals of smaller fish... fun fun fun. 

Conger Eels


 The Conger Eel is one of the largest eels in the world, and the largest found in English waters, growing to around 2 meters in length.
During the day, they hide in holes and crevices along rocky coastlines, and are often found in ship wrecks. This one was caught by a seal !



 Jellyfish have specialised stinging cells, called nematocysts.  These cells are special pressurised pods, containing a tiny, harpoon like sting. Very few of our resident jellyfish are dangerous but peoples reaction to seeing them if often hilarious.

You just don't know what you will see!

Barrel Jellies


Compass Jeliies


Killer Cows


Cave species



Random Finds


Monster Crabs