Coasteering Devon, Coasteering South Devon, Torquay


Why is Coasteering in Torquay, Devon so epic?

Unlike the North Coast, South Devon boasts calm seas (most of the time) and because of this a unique geology and ecosystem has had time to develop. If you know where to look there are caves and underwater marvels beyond the imagination, leaps and climbs that will challenge and thrill. It’s all here at your fingertips. Torquay is well connected and easily navigated with tonnes to do all year round. 

Coasteering South Devon, Coasteering Devon, Coasteering Torquay

Coasteering in South Devon, Torquay is all about the landscape!

400 million years of history is what makes Coasteering in South Devon a unique experience. Now number 1 on TripAdvisor, Rock Solid will take you on a journey and squeeze every bit of fun out of the landscape that it holds so dear. 


So... come and get involved! What are you waiting for!?

Call for advice on organising a trip to remember! Any time of the year we are open and ready to Rock. Coasteering Devon, Coasteering South Devon