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The most fun you can have in neoprene..  

“Coasteering involves climbing, swimming and jumping in order to navigate the intertidal zone. You will be scrambling over potentially slippery surfaces and propelling yourself, at times from considerable height, into cold water. Coasteering is a physically demanding activity that requires a certain level of fitness.

​Fair Enough ..

Weather conditions may well dictate if a session can go ahead. If conditions are not safe in Maidencombe according to the lead guide then an alternative booking will be offered for another date or time. If the planned trip is cancelled due to bad weather a full refund of any deposit will be provided. In some cases an alternative location may be offered - at the discretion of Rock Solid- We will do everything we can to ensure your planned adventure takes place!


Age restrictions....

Generally 7/8 years old is the lower limit for coasteering, this is around the age when swimming and climbing ability allows children to get the most out of the session.

Under 18's need to be accompanied by their own parent or legally appointed guardian who will countersign the 'acknowledgement' of risk form. Coasteering is a licensable  activity under Adventurous Activity Licensing Authority (AALA). 

The acknowledgement of risk form is not a disclaimer, no provider should ever expect you to sign a 'disclaimer' as this is not recognised in law. It is an agreement between you and the provider that you; have no medical conditions that could affect your ability to take part, will follow instructions and act in a way that will minimise the likelihood of injury, may get scrapes and bumps on the route (lots of barnacles) and that you will communicate with the guides throughout the session if you are unhappy. 

Coasteerinng takes a lot of kit, preparation, planning and staff. If people drop out at the last minute this is damaging to the business, there is an obligation to pay for the missed session. Let us know in advance if numbers change and it wont be a problem! - 48 hours will be enough. 

Rock Solid reserves the right to merge small groups to make sessions viable. If it's an exclusive session you are after please make this clear (obviously bespoke sessions are exclusive). Exclusivity on the route cannot be guaranteed to groups of less than 10 people. Terms and conditions may apply.