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Corona - what next?

READY TO ROCK, a corona policy has been created with the support of the National Coasteering Charter

Covid19- staying safe & having fun: an outline of our Covid Policy. 

Rock Solid Coasteering has been planning how business can resume once restrictions are relaxed.

Our ability to operate will depend on how and when the government will ease lock down measures enough to make sessions possible. Our policy aims to give you the confidence and reassurance you need when planning your next steps into a new adventure.
The main positive is that coasteering is an outdoor activity. The most recent government guidance stated that ‘transmission risk outside is low‘. The route here is especially good for spacing people out sensibly, sessions can be easily adapted and coached slightly differently to allow for maximum engagement and safety. 

Working outdoors allows us to keep distance and adhere to social distancing measures if required. We are monitoring the advice in the sector very closely and updating risk assessments and processes accordingly -when the time is right we will resume trips in a way that is lead by best practice across the sector. 

Safety Measures may include the following. 

Session group sizes may be limited, perhaps to family groups only and staggered start times may be used.
Hand washing will be encouraged upon arrival and when leaving, sanitiser will also be offered when appropriate. Kitting up and initial briefings will be done with distancing in mind, participants may be required to help each other more instead of instructors jumping in.

Guides will wear face masks and gloves when in close proximity to clients for example when administering first aid (If required).  How we support you on trips will be adapted to allow for distancing, and the conditions we operate in may also become more closely considered.

We ask that clients only come to sessions if they are healthy and well and them and their household have not displayed any corona symptoms in the past two weeks. Also if any party member develops symptoms after a trip they must be prepared to let us know so that appropriate measures (tracing if needed) can be done. 

All kit used will be disinfected and fully sterilised after each use, it will be hung to dry for several days in the sun. Kit will be rotated as much as possible to again reassure and eliminate risk.

All these measures will be streamlined and efficient so as not to impinge in the real goal of our trips- having epic fun!!! 

There is no doubt that this period has been a challenge, there’s no point counting losses but rather try and move forward and establish some kind of normality as safely and reassuringly as possible. Your safety and enjoyment will always be our top priority as it always has been!

We are confident that the measures we will take are sufficient and supported by science and best industry practice, this will give our clients  faith and maintain our excellent reputation and safety record. 


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Session Times:

We operate ALL YEAR ROUND 

Morning trips 10am start

Lunchtime trips 130pm start 

Afternoon trips 430pm start

Evening trips 530/6pm start

Boat safari exclusive for 2020 £60 - 6 people minimum 11max

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We pull out all the stops to ensure you are well kitted up, changing in comfort, given drinks and get fantastic photos to cherish, there’s even a hot shower at the end! Our unique, long circular route will push you, challenge you and blow your mind again and again! 

The pub here is AMAZING and the beach and walks beautiful - make a day of it!