If emailing please include a phone number and check spam folders I ALWAYS REPLY within a couple of hours! If in doubt call or use Facebook! 

£35pp for the Grand Rock Solid Tour including all kit, insurance, hot drinks and highlight photos.

Call 07723088292 email p.austin@mail.com OR USE FACEBOOK :) Get a group quote!

Boat safari exclusive for 2019 £60 - 6 people minimum 11max

Fancy something a bit special? Ask for the Coasteer Safari ! 07723088292

Each trip is custom made, that’s why you can’t book online- we need to chat to plan your epic!

Rock Solid Gift Vouchers! Blow someones mind this year!

Where is Rock Solid Coasteering?

Got a group quote elsewhere? We will beat it!

Bespoke trips £120per couple- have exclusive access all to yourselves!