Gift the adventure!

What are you waiting for blow someones mind now - treat them to a rock solid adventure.

Extreme Gift Vouchers- Unique Gift Vouchers


Sometimes it's impossible to decide what to get someone...

How many old unused presents have you got knocking around the house? This is the alternative to last minute impersonal gifts- The Extreme Rock Solid Voucher. Call now 07723088292 or email to order your voucher. 

Personalised and unforgettable...

The vouchers are custom made, unique and can be worded to your specification. They don't expire and can be used whenever you like all year round. In the style of an old treasure map you could even pop it in a bottle for that message in a bottle effect! 

Popular for birthdays and Christmas and last minute

We make same day and send first class so if you have left it late ... no probs. If you are really last minute we can send an electronic version for you to deliver personally. Gift Vouchers uk, Unique gift vouchers.